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  • Mary Lawrence

Introducing Onggi

We want to welcome Onggi as one of our new retailers. Located in Portland on Washington Avenue off of Congress, their store specializes in fermented and preserved food items. They source many of their products from New England, as well as import from regions with rich histories in fermentation and food preservation such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Owned by Erin Zobitz, Amy Ng, and Marcus Im, the three met in NYC where they connected over their love for fermentation. They spent a lot of time together fermenting food, cooking, baking, and dreaming of sharing their enthusiasm with others one day. The result is Onggi on the hill.

Stop by and learn how you can add these healthful offerings into your diet. They also have unique and amazing baked goods at their counter. Pick up your own Onggi (fermentation vessel) and get started fermenting! [And while you are there, pick up a jar of our beautifully-preserved, RBF grown fruit].


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