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Jam Offerings 2024

Our offerings consist of blueberry, raspberry, elderberry, plum, and cherry jams. All of the fruit is grown on our property, hand-picked, and is preserved using cane sugar, home-made fruit pectin, and lemon juice. The jams are made in small batches (often only 6 jars at a time) using traditional French artisanal methods so that we can be sure you will enjoy the pleasure of a perfect jar of jam.

Blueberry Jams

Click the blueberries

raspberries on bush

The Raspberries...

raspberry jam, raspberry vice
Raspberry Vice

Live dangerously--eat raspberry jam. This isn't your tired store-bought with a few berries floating in corn syrup goop. Our raspberries will rattle your tongue. A worthy indulgence with no consequence. Live free and eat raspberry vice!

raspberry vice
raspberry jam, raspberry conspiracy
Raspberry Conspiracy

Bright raspberries and smooth chocolate collude to make a more perfect jam. This is one to savor. Spread it on a crusty toast to start your day. Add it to puff pastries. Eat it out of the jar. We encourage your decadence.

raspberry conspiracy
raspberry jam, gold lust jam, yellow raspberry
Gold Lust

That's right--golden raspberries. Not just a novelty to look at, they taste like raspberries but are sweeter and less tart. We grow a limited number of canes because they ripen late in the season and are often done in by a hard frost in Maine. But we love them and we think you will too.

yellow raspberry, Ann raspberry
gold lust
elderberry jam, ergo elderberry
Ergo Elderberry

A fruit coveted by our grandmothers. The bushes happily grow in a ditch beside a road or in our fields. Clusters of deep purple--almost black--berries droop from branches in early fall. The taste is comparable to concord grapes but richer. It takes us an extra step to prepare them for jelly, requiring us to steam out their juice. (They have an abundance of crunchy seeds most folks find unpleasant.) A lot of elderberries are needed to make a jar of this smooth jelly. Thus the higher price.

Curious to try this unique offering? Just the facts m'am. Just the elderberries m'am. Therefore elderberry.

ergo elderberry
Elderberry Blueberry

Crank up your antioxidants and Vitamin C with this amazing combo!

Elderberries and blueberries are known for their healthful properties. Not to mention the combined taste in our jam is glorious! We mix whole blueberries with elderberry jelly.

This is a great flavor to try if you haven't had elderberries before and are unsure about ordering Ergo Elderberry jelly.

elderberry blueberry jam
elderberry blueberry

Cheers for Cherries...

Necessary Cherry
cherry jam, necessary cherry jam

One of the most anticipated signs of spring on our farm is seeing our hill of cherry trees in bloom. The delicate petals bounce in the breeze and bees go cuckoo pollinating the blossoms. Then in June the petals fall like snow and are replaced by the glossy green foliage that act like miniature solar panels to soak up sun. We baby our cherries and while they are difficult to keep happy, the jam we get is worth the work. If you like tart cherries you'll love our cherry jam. A most necessary cherry.

Necessary Cherry

Beach Plums

We are pleased that our beach plums, those neglected, thrown in the ground and see if they grow plums, have finally matured and are bearing fruit.

I juice them and add in some pulp so the result is a smooth cross between a jelly and a jam--what I like to call a 'jamly'. I do my best to remove the small stones, but sometimes a few hide in the pulp and find their way into a jar.

Plummy taste with a husky overtone and slight apricot flavor these little guys make an interesting addition to our line up.

Beach Plum Bum? Read my second book Death of an Alchemist, to find out about the name.

beach plum bum jam, beachplum jam
Beach Plum Bum

Damn Good Damson Plum

jars of damson plum jam, damn good damson plum jam

I've always heard stories about how great Damson Plum Jam is, and I'm pleased to say we have one of the best you'll ever taste. All of our plum jams are bold and flavorful, yet this one has a tart, distinctive taste.

We have planted more trees that's how much we love our Damsons.

Definitely a damn good Damson Plum Jam!

Damn Good Damson

Pitiless Plum Jam

Italian plum

We love our plum jam! Pitiless Plum Jam is made from our Italian plums, a variety with deep purple skin and yellow flesh. When cooked, the yellow pulp changes to a lovely carmine color. If you want a robust plum flavor, then Pitiless Plum is the jam for you! 

pitiless plum jam, Italian plum jam

Pitiless Plum

golden gage plums on tree
golden gage plums

Guilty Goldengage Plum

Every two years, our goldengage plum trees knock themselves out, producing an abundant crop of melt-in-your-mouth little gems. An accidental discovery in France, these trees were imported to England and became a much sought-after fruit.

The plums are small with a rose blush. It's a race between us and the yellow jackets to get them off the tree at their peak.

We think our jam does justice to these little treasures and if you favor sweet plum jam, give this one a go!

Back in stock!
greengage plum jam, jar of greengage jam

Greengage Plum

Sister to our Goldengage, is Greengage Plum. This variety is widely grown in Western Europe. Originally from Persia, these found their way to France, then to England where the labels were lost. The orchardist for Sir Gage decided to call the green-fleshed fruit "Gage" after his employer. A storied past with legendary sweetness, give this one a try!

Greengage Plum

greengage plums
toast with greengage jam, jar of greengage plum jam
jar of medlar jam, mysterious medlar jam

Mysterious Medlar

Part of our mission is to bring back unusual or forgotten fruit and make it into unique jams. Medlar definitely accomplishes that. An old fruit popular in Renaissance Europe, we think it deserves a modern following.

The color of this jelly is a lovely bronze pink and the flavor reminds one of apples and roses with overtones of fig. Sweet, subtle, and entirely unusual, we have a limited number of jars to offer.

Mysterious Medlar

Out of stock!

Dandelion Jelly

What heralds spring more than a yard full of dandelions? This year I tried my hand at making this unusual jelly and harvested our abundant crop. What I got was a beautiful golden jelly reminiscent of honey but more delicate. Truly a special offering to welcome spring and the change of seasons. Very limited. 6 oz bell canning jar

dandelion jelly
Dandelion Jelly

Why jam?

Why did we decide to make jam from our fruit? Jobs aren't that plentiful in Maine. We both had our fill of long commutes and wanted to be in control of our retirement. I always wanted to live on a farm, some of that comes from wishing to fulfill my mother's dream to get back to one. Years ago, I took a course on organic farming and I saw the possibility of living off the land and satisfying my concern for the environment. It's taken decades to realize this dream, but nothing is worth having unless you pour love into achieving it.

The decision to make jam seemed natural. We needed to sell a product that would yield us more than if we just sold our fruit at market. We didn't know anything about making jam; I was never interested enough to watch my mother or sister make it. So I learned how to jam on my own. The process has been experimental which suits my background in science. In the end, we rely on what tastes good to us.

Our jams are soft set because we use the minimal amount of cane sugar to still allow some thickening. Dave and I agree that fruit doesn't need a lot of help. The fruit flavor must be foremost, not a sugar broth. Our jams may lean towards tart because that is our personal preference. Instead of buying commercial pectin we make it using locally sourced apples. We are the only jam producer in the state of Maine that takes this extra step.

For  me, naming the various flavors has been as much fun as actually making the jam. I'm also a mystery author, so the names are a little shifty on purpose. I couldn't count on getting published; I always expected farming would happen first. However, you never know in life---I was offered a book contract with Kensington and my first 2 books launched before any jams did. I'm equally passionate about both ventures. To find out more about my mystery novels go to

We've put a lot of effort and thought into what we do and we think we've got a pretty special product. We hope you will agree. Enjoy!

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