2021 Blueberry Offerings

The Blues...

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blueberry jam, wicked blue jam
wicked blue

Wicked Blue

When the nights get chilly and you reminisce about that time in Maine, gazing at a glittery blue ocean...or not. If you love blueberries, there is enough fruit packed into a jar of this jam that you will wonder where we've been all your life.

Try our wicked blue and taste some memories of Maine.

blueberry jam, blueberry masala
Blueberry Masala

Our Garam Masala is a delicate blend of coriander, red chilli, clove, cinnamon, mango, bay leaves, cumin, fennel, black pepper, and anistar. The combination enhances the taste of blueberries without overpowering the fresh fruit. Enjoy the pleasure of tasting this fragrant jam. 

blueberry masala
blueberry jam, ginger blue
Ginger Blue

A comfort jam when frost is on the windows. Little pieces of chopped ginger are just enough to warm your tongue and perfectly balance the flavor of blueberries. Enjoy this classic combination and see why ours is so popular.

ginger blue
Blueberry Conspiracy

With the enthusiasm we've had for our Raspberry Conspiracy we decided to spread "the naughty." We have added chocolate to blueberries. Why not give it a go? We seriously believe you will say "Wow!"

blueberry conspiracy
Elderberry Blueberry

Crank up your antioxidants and Vitamin C with this amazing combo!

Elderberries and blueberries are known for their healthful properties. Not to mention the combined taste in our jam is glorious! Blueberries with an undertone of elderberries makes this a natural pairing.

elderberry blueberry
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Lavender Blue
New Flavor!
Lavender Blue

Get fancy and floral!

Our newest flavor--Lavender Blue! We've infused lavender flower buds with blueberries to get this elegant offering. Pull out your best china and brew a cup of tea. Subtle but definitely present, lavender and blueberry is a compulsively eatable jam.