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  • Mary Lawrence

Steeplebush Farm Open House

I'm delighted that Lauriejane Kelly of Steeplebush Farm in Limington has invited RBF to participate in her open house! The Snow Flake Trail, but especially Steeplebush Farm's open house is a much anticipated event around here. We will have a selection of jams for tasting and purchasing, along with some signed books from the Bianca Goddard Mysteries.

Steeplebush Farm creates a variety of herb products made from their own gardens. Body washes, soaps, lotions, teas, the list goes on, Laurijane has made beautifully crafted products for 35 years. Check out her farm In the spring when she sells the most unique variety of plants and seedlings found in Maine. Her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for plants and herbs is infectious--in a good way! (In fact, I've nursed an African Blue Sage for years that I originally purchased from her. The bees love it).

After working so hard for so long, this will be her last open house and year in business. You really must make the trip to Limington to experience this exceptional open house and the magic of Steeplebush Farm.

Open House November 9, 10, 11 10-5pm 102 Staples Road Limington, ME 04049

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