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  • Mary Lawrence

Mysterious Medlar

We are pleased to announce a new jelly offering to our line-up. Mysterious Medlar is made from our own home-grown trees which finally produced a decent number of fruit. The Medlar is an old fruit, popular in Europe around the time of the Renaissance. The French called it "cul-de-chien" or dog's arse. Shakespeare also disparaged the fruit's homely appearance.

But we've found it makes an elegant jelly! You have to "blet" the fruit, which is a nice way of saying you let it soften to the point of nearly rotting. Then for our jelly, I cooked it down then strained it. I had never made medlar jelly before, but I stumbled on the right amount of sugar to produce a soft, fragrant jelly that is entirely unique in flavor.

I would liken the taste to something like rose and slightly spiced apple. Perhaps you can come up with a better description and let me know.

I think it is going to be popular enough for us to invest in planting a few more trees.

You're not going to find Medlar Jelly just anywhere. Why not give ours a try? At your next dinner party you could serve it with goat cheese or cream cheese on crackers. I'm sure it would be a hit!

We have a limited number of jars available. Once they are gone, it will be another year before we can offer them again. Order now!


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