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  • Mary Lawrence

Maine Street Meats-Rockport, ME

Our jams are creeping up the coast. With Local in Brunswick, and now Maine Street Meats in Rockport, Maine. Some of our more unusual offerings will be available in limited numbers to their patrons. They serve folks living in Camden, Lincolnville, and Rockland.

Maine Street Meats is a specialty food shop extraordinaire offering an on site butchery, bakery, and cheeses locally sourced that highlight the best that Maine has to offer. It would be difficult to find a shop anywhere in Maine with a more diverse and carefully culled product list.

Check out their website and if you are on your way to the coast to peep at some leaves this fall, stop in! What could be better than a crusty loaf of bread, some smooth cheese and Rare Berry Farm jam slathered on top, while enjoying the gorgeous views of coastal Maine in the fall?

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