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  • Mary Lawrence

Sneaky Lingonberry!

It's been awhile since I wrote. It's been a busy winter with launching my third Bianca Goddard mystery, Death at St. Vedast, and writing my fourth novel in the series. However, between the book stuff, we have now added a couple of new jams. One, is our new Lingonberry Jam. After asking for name suggestions on my personal facebook page, we decided on Sneaky Lingonberry. Sneaky--in keeping with my theme of crime writing, and because it looked the best on the label.

Sneaky Lingonberry Jam

We offer a very limited number of jars for sale. Our plants went through a tough summer with a drought and we're hoping for a normal spring so we can evaluate the damage. Hopefully we can recover some of our loss and offer more jars for sale next season because this jam is really amazing.

#lingonberry #lingonberryjam #newflavor

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