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  • Mary Lawrence

Hello world!

This is our first blog post! Finally, after 10 years of hard work, we are launching our line of gourmet jams and our website! We are still putting finishing touches to the website, so if you find empty spaces and clicks that don't respond, please be patient. Give it a second try in a day or two.

I think I got the 'hello world' phrase from Twitter when I signed up for an account a couple of years ago. I was nervous to write my first tweet, as if all the world was actually going to read it. I realize now just how big that world is. It's not like I'm Beyoncé or Donald Trump.

So, we are excited to say hello and hope that you will enjoy coming back to visit us. We are confident that we are offering discerning jam consumers an exceptional product. I'm going to keep this post short and sweet-- LIVE FREE AND EAT JAM!

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