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Rare Berry Farm blueberry rows
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Jam that tastes like summer

One of the greatest pleasures in life is the taste of jam on bread. A jam with the clear, jeweled color of a perfect fruit, whether it be the deep blue-black of an elderberry or the ruby red of a plump raspberry. We seek to preserve these treasures of summer and present you with a jam that is fresh, healthy, and pops with flavor.

A Farm in Progress

Our farm is located in Limington, Maine on 7 acres of reclaimed gravel quarry. It has taken years of effort but we grow a variety of unique fruit suited to our southern Maine climate. Our goal is to create beautiful jams made with our sustainably grown fruit. We care for each plant with a mind for protecting the environment. We seek to promote a healthier world for plants, the wildlife out our backdoor, and people.

view of farm
cherry blossoms

Our definition of jam--lots of little berries crammed into a jar.

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